Pet-Friendly Cafe

Come on down and have a furry time with your beloved pets!

We are a pet-friendly café with an objective to assist in any way we can to promote adoption of animals and increase the awareness of the public on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. We work with Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) and collaborate regularly to hold adoption drives for animals. We also showcase animals that are up for adoption to expose them to more potential adopters that come by our café.

P.S. We also welcome anyone who love animals and do not have pets to drop by our café too!

Delicious food

Try our popular Basil Chicken Rice!

We serve Asian, Indochinese, Singaporean and Thai food all take away

Bites menu:

Seaweed Chicken

Our finger food includes sesame chicken wings, super-sized popcorn chicken, cheese fries, spam fries and more!